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Surf's Up Lick Mat

Surf's Up Lick Mat

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Product Spotlight: Lick Mats. 

If you're not familiar with what they are and how to properly use them. No worries, I didn't either until recently. 

Lick mats can be beneficial to your dog in many ways with very little effort. 

Some of the key benefits are as follows:

• Acts as a slow feeder which aids in better digestion for over all better gut health.

• Promotes mental stimulation. When a lick mat is placed in front of a dog they have to use many of their senses to enjoy what's spread on the mat. Mental stimulation is necessary for a happy and healthy pup. Start them young! But don't worry, you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks 😉. 

• Positive distractions / calming. If you have an anxious pup, treat them to a lick mat with their favorite peanut butter . Their efforts will be focused on that rather than those things that are causing distress or discomfort. The act of licking is a natural soothing agent in dogs. 

-Customer feedback: One customer used a lick mat to distract her dog during toe nail trimmings by only using peanut butter.

• Aides in healthy dental hygiene. By using the lick mats, it stimulates the production of saliva - which has a natural antiseptic & antibacterial properties. Did you know that? Yeah, me neither! That alone helps to keep your dog's mouth clean and healthy in a more natural way. 

And another no brainer reason to use a lick mat is simply giving your dog an activity that keeps them out of trouble. 🙌 Dogs get bored just like humans. The only problem is when a dog gets bored it often leads to destruction. Set your pup up for success by adding a lick mat to the enrichment rotation. 

Okay, but what can I put on the mats? There's really no over thinking this one. Any dog safe, spreadable food will work. 

• wet dog food

• peanut butter - xylitol free

• non fat greek yogurt

• pure pumpkin puree

• cooked (plain) sweet potatoes

•unsweetened applesauce

As always consult your vet or do your own research when feeding your four legged friend 🐾

Disclaimer: This product is not meant or chewing and should not be left unattended when not in use. 

Still not sure on the lick mats? Another great alternative are treat dispensers! Let me know how I can help. 🐾


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We 🧡 the 🎃

Moose's first time with his treat dispensing jack o' latern. He recommends a natural peanut butter 😉

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