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Snuffle Mat

Snuffle Mat

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The ultimate tool when it comes to enrichment and mental stimulation. While these should never replace physical activity, it has been mentioned that just 20 minutes worth of 'snuffling' is equal to an hour worth of running. 


According to - 

"Providing frequent mental stimulation with the use of enrichment activities is a fantastic way to meet your pet’s cognitive needs."

There are many benefits to using snuffle mats including:

-Alleviating stress and separation anxiety.

-Occupying your pet on days when walking may not be an option.

-Encouraging slower eating habits.

-Encouraging fussy dogs to eat by making mealtimes a fun game.

Simply add your dog's kibble and/or treats to the mat for a fun meal time. 

Machine Washable. 


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We 🧡 the 🎃

Moose's first time with his treat dispensing jack o' latern. He recommends a natural peanut butter 😉

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